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Модули цифрового преобразования сигнала (PXI3030)

The 3030 Series of RF Digitizers used with a 3010 Series synthesizer module provide precision conversion of RF signals into digital IF or I and Q data. When used with PXI Studio application software, the 3030 Series RF Digitizer family provides class leading vector signal analysis of RF signals with functionality and performance ideally matched to the needs of RF test systems for manufacturing and design verification.

Models 3030, 3030A, 3030C, 3035, 3035C
Frequency ranges 250 kHz or 330 MHz to 3 GHz and 6 GHz
36 or 90 MHz wide digitized bandwidth (1 dB)
13 or 14 bit ADC resolution
Variable sample rates up to 200 MSa/s
75 dB spurious and intermodulation free dynamic range
Excellent level accuracy of typically 0.3 dB
Noise spectral density
Fast frequency settling
Up to 512 MByte sample memory
Real time streaming output of sample data

PXI Studio VSA/VSG application software Optional signal analysis applications enable the 3030 Series to be used to characterize a range of system personalities. Find out more about our PXI Application Software.

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